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Technology Tailored for Upstream Oil & Gas

In collaboration with Aclaimant, the leading platform for safety and Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS), we have developed our Competency Assessment program. This program is designed to transform workforce productivity, assess leadership skills, and improve safety awareness. It includes comprehensive field validation to ensure its effectiveness and applicability to real-world scenarios. 


The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Workforce Excellence

Learn how we consistently ensure excellence across all levels of your organization, empowering each member to not only meet but exceed their goals. 


Unlock Your Team's Potential 

A one-minute video to see the remarkable ways our program can revolutionize your operations.

Key Features: Enhancing Oil & Gas Operations Efficency

Our platform offers a comprehensive assessment of your workforce's technical skills, leadership qualities, and knowledge of safety and risk management, tailored specifically for the upstream oil and gas industry. This precision-targeted approach guarantees seamless integration and efficiency enhancement in your field operations.

Tailored for Oil and Gas

Our solution is meticulously designed for the upstream oil and gas industry, guaranteeing smooth integration with your field operations and enhancing operational efficiency.

Productivity Boost

Identify and leverage opportunities to elevate your workforce's technical skills and leadership qualities, driving peak productivity in the oil and gas industry.

Safety First Philosophy

Real-time validation fosters proactive safety decisions, ensuring compliance and prioritizing a safety-first culture in a field operations environment.

Continuous Enhancement

Stay ahead with regular updates reflecting industry regulations and standards, positioning your organization for continuous improvement.

Transparent Analytics

Our advanced tools provide clear risk management insights, delivering essential quantitative data for strategic decision-making in the oil and gas sector.

Measurable Impact

Achieve a tangible Return on Investment (ROI) as our tool enhances workforce productivity and performance while minimizing risks in the oil and gas industry.


Elevate your team’s performance in the oil and gas industry with our Competency Assessment program. Designed to boost safety and productivity, our technology platform is engineered to deliver tangible results. 

Cutting-Edge Collaboration for Transparent Insights

In partnership with leading global Exploration & Production (E&P) Operators, our proprietary technology offers transparent insights into technical, leadership skills, and safety awareness. This strategic alliance not only enhances productivity but also minimizes operational risks.

  • Global Partnerships: Developed with and utilized by top E&P Operators worldwide.
  • Risk Minimization: Our approach to competency assessment is designed to significantly reduce workplace hazards and operational risks.

Comprehensive Competency Assessment

Combining Aclaimant’s innovative technology platform with Decca’s expert validation services, we provide a thorough assessment and validation process for field and safety-sensitive roles in the oil and gas sector.

  • Expert Validation Services: Partnering with Decca to ensure comprehensive assessment and validation.
  • Field and Safety Focus: Specialized attention to field and safety-sensitive roles, ensuring a well-rounded competency assessment.

Leadership Excellence through Targeted Development

Identify and cultivate field-oriented leaders who can execute plans effectively, foster teamwork, and uphold the highest standards of workforce excellence in the oil and gas industry.

  • Effective Plan Execution: Ensuring leaders are equipped to implement strategies successfully.
  • Teamwork and Standards: Promote collaboration and maintain peak industry standards.

Tailored for Decision Makers

Mitigate Risk, Make Informed Decisions

  • Whether you're a VP of Drilling/Completions, Operations, Risk or Health and Safety, our tool is designed for your decision-making needs.
  • Reduce organizational risk through greater transparency and validation of workforce competency.

Optimize Proactive Decision-Making

  • Improve your bottom line with a competent and productive workforce.
  • Real-time, quantitive information dashboards for transparent and efficient decision-making.

Ensure a Competent Workforce

  • Streamlined workforce assessment and validation in the fast-paced upstream Oil and Gas environment.
  • Eliminate guesswork and stay ahead of compliance requirements.

Embrace Digital Transformation

  • Embrace digitization and automation to ensure traceable workforce skill and efficiency.
  • Eliminate inconsistencies with procedures, standards, reporting and necessary skill-sets for field operations. 

Revolutionize Your Approach to Oil & Gas Competency

Empower your team to reach new heights by redefining how you oversee workforce skills and abilities.